Evolving, Expanding, and Entering A New SAGA

Corn Cornelio

One of the biggest names in the Philippine Events Industry is fearlessly beginning a new chapter of innovations in the business of adapting to unpredictable disruptions. 

Not to dampen anyone’s mood but this starts off with remembering the last three years — when almost all of us probably closed our 2019 booking flights, buying concert tickets, taking a break from your routinary life that went on for years…anything but preparing for a pandemic. 

Taking pride in creating many of the most iconic events in the Philippines, SAGA Events Inc. made a dent to become one of the highly sought names by many brands to celebrate. But like many of us, the company didn’t know how or where to start making sense of its identity in the middle of a global chaos. 

Needing to survive more than to thrive, the events agency had to pivot as there were no other roads that could’ve been taken to be able to take care of its employees. SAGA may not have been the quickest in the race, but the agency is now launching its new services to its current and prospective clients…to slowly but surely build a sturdy arsenal for whatever lies ahead. 

Now known as one of the most premium event agencies in the Philippines and having continuously created many of the best events in the country, SAGA Events is now SAGA — a 360 Experiential Company. 

But what impact does that ever make? 

As the company reinvents and now boasts itself as a 360 Experiential Company, it will banner three major service pillars that SAGA will be confident to offer to its clients. These services are Digital Solutions, Content Production, and Experiential Marketing.

For Digital Solutions, the brand will go the extra mile not just to generate online visibility for its partners and clients, but to also develop and establish a holistic digital presence for them to build successful relationships with their customers. The services under this umbrella are 360 Digital Marketing, Multimedia Content Publishing, and Website Development. 

The Content Production leg will entail interpreting the clients’ ideas and bringing them to life by creating compelling brand content for their audience. SAGA’s skillful team and top-of-the-line technology such as its chroma studio that can stage both live and recorded digital content will make the production of every client’s extraordinary content possible.

Maintaining its namesake product, Experiential Marketing will be an expansion of SAGA’s events prowess. It will be an amped-up version of what it has been doing in the events industry with its fearless attack on innovation, starting from crafting strategic concepts to mounting extraordinary executions to bringing brands to their audience through remarkable experiences that best fit their campaigns. 

The evolution of our expanded company’s service portfolio follows our desire not only to be able to provide our clients with a comprehensive slew of offerings but, just as importantly, to continue SAGA’s evolution in the industry,” says Julie Ann Aguila, SAGA’s Business Development team’s Executive Director, during the SAGA rebrand launch party that was held on May 2, 2022. The Business Development group was the machinery that made the rebrand happen. 
“Starting today [the rebrand launch], we hope that not only will we all use these new assets and push the vision of this new SAGA out into the world, but more importantly, we hope you will embody the spirit of a refreshed brand as we push forward together into a thriving future for the company,” closes Aguila in her speech.

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