Digital Marketing Must-Haves for Your Next Campaign

Valuable Measures to Increase Your Brand’s Online Visibility

by Eliza Mationg

With the advancement of technology, customer behavior has changed drastically from relying on traditional forms of marketing and advertising such as print advertisements, brochures, posters, and direct sales to consuming information and embracing fast transactions on the internet. 

Due to its easy access, consumers are online for research, business, or leisure, any time of the day. In the Philippines, the estimated hours Filipinos spend online is about 4 hours and 15 minutes per day, making the country rank first for the most time spent on the internet. With this data as a motivator, businesses can more easily achieve the growth they envision for their brand by establishing authoritative digital marketing that connects them to their market virtually.

This strategy is one of the most effective ways for companies to attain remarkable progress, as it can result in increased visibility and credibility among high-quality prospects—who eventually turn into high-quality customers—brand-building that develops trust and loyalty, increased income generation, and even lower customer acquisition cost.

These can be achieved once the digital marketing strategy of a business is aligned with its brand and brand objectives. This is where establishments can turn to SAGA’s expertise in Digital Marketing and Solutions Services. Intended to help brands expand their digital presence, SAGA offers strategic and technical skills in Publishing that provide companies with creative branded content, and content production; Content Strategy which includes social media strategy, branding, and community management; and Web Development for search engine optimization, and app and website development. Through these services, SAGA delivers revolutionary ways to successfully connect brands with their audiences.

[SUBHEAD] Must-Have Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing is a component that requires comprehensive planning to make the most of its benefits. With this in mind, here are some must-haves for your next digital marketing campaign:

An Informative Website 

A website that is engaging, interesting, and design-driven is one of the primary tools a company can use to build its presence. A good website provides customers and prospects with information about a brand’s identity, expertise, and services, all of which are significant factors in their decision-making as consumers. 

Engaging Social Media Content

Content is constantly being thrown at consumers during the hours they spend online, and only truly engaging content from a brand can stop users from scrolling. Effective visuals and copy that resonates with your target market can help a brand stand out, and can go a long way in convincing customers that your brand, products, and services are worth their time, attention, and money.

Targeted Advertisements

One of the most important things to consider as a business is where to deliver the right message to the right person. No matter how compelling your message, just as important to your strategy is getting the right eyeballs on your ads, and the plethora of platforms available can be overwhelming. Knowing where your target audience is and understanding their behavior, therefore, is crucial to creating a successful digital campaign.  

Authentic Influencer Content

Conversations online are driven by influencers, and brands should note that one of the most effective ways to build value for their brand is by taking part in this discourse through partnerships with trustworthy opinion leaders in their respective circles. Through collaboration on the creation of authentic content, brands can build genuine relationships with influencers who provide vital touch points about their products and services, which can help convince an audience to consider a particular brand’s goods or services. A reliable influencer can, by advocating for your brand, create trust in you and your products. 

[SUBHEAD] 2022 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and best practices are always being developed depending on what currently works for the audience in mind. To stay relevant in a highly competitive realm, here are some current digital marketing trends that can deliver brand growth:


With this strategy, businesses prioritize their mobile capabilities and touchpoints to cater more to mobile users. This enables brands to build strong relationships with their customers, increase their customer reach, gain critical insights, build a stronger brand association, create new revenue channels, and provide a superior customer experience. 


Automating services allows companies to execute their vision with maximum efficiency. Throught its implementation, businesses can achieve higher productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance, and reduced operating cost. This strategy also promises the higher conversion of leads by offering customized and relevant experiences to the market. 

Multichannel marketing

Effectively communicating with their audience is vital to any company. With this strategy, businesses can interact with their customers through different platforms. Through this, they gain improved customer perception, can exponentially increase their customer engagement, lower the cost of customer acquisition, and gain vital information about their market with data and analytics.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are capable of driving powerful, positive, natural, and meaningful brand messages to a specific audience. By leveraging the power of influencer followings through creative, authentic promotion from opinion leaders and trusted personalities,  brands not only build awareness, but also credibility and trust. 

Hybrid events

Following the massive shift to purely digital executions, companies are beginning to expand their executions to hybridized formats, creating events that are both physical and virtual. This allows a brand more flexibility in communicating key milestones and messages to a range of audiences and extends their reach, giving their market access to the best of both worlds. 

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