Becoming The Extraordinary Intern: The SAGA Circle

How SAGA is helping young creatives unlock their fullest potential by Eliza Mationg Are you a young creative looking to break into the marketing industry? Do you want to learn the ropes of conceptualizing and mounting both online and on-ground events? Do you want to hone your content and production skills under the guidance of […]

Digital Marketing Must-Haves for Your Next Campaign

Valuable Measures to Increase Your Brand’s Online Visibility by Eliza Mationg With the advancement of technology, customer behavior has changed drastically from relying on traditional forms of marketing and advertising such as print advertisements, brochures, posters, and direct sales to consuming information and embracing fast transactions on the internet.  Due to its easy access, consumers […]

A Conversation with SAGA’s New Executive Managing Director Elmer Lapeña

At the helm of the new SAGA, he is leading a reinvigorated company into a new chapter Anyone who has attended a major event in the Philippines within the past two decades has experienced, in one way or another, the artistry of Elmer Lapeña. Whether it’s as a member of an audience experiencing an unforgettable […]

Make Your Brand Come Alive With Scroll-Stopping Content

How to Catch (and Keep) Your Audience’s Attention Online by Eliza Mationg It’s an understatement to say that consumers are bombarded with a lot of content every day. Each time they open their apps and scroll through their feeds, hundreds, if not thousands, of images, videos, captions, and stories are pushed onto their screens, and […]

Evolving, Expanding, and Entering A New SAGA

Corn Cornelio One of the biggest names in the Philippine Events Industry is fearlessly beginning a new chapter of innovations in the business of adapting to unpredictable disruptions.  Not to dampen anyone’s mood but this starts off with remembering the last three years — when almost all of us probably closed our 2019 booking flights, […]

What’s Experiential Marketing and Why Does Your Brand Need It?

Discover The Power Of Providing Customer Engagement by Eliza Mationg With hundreds and thousands of companies reaching out to the public, it is harder than ever for a brand to stand out and make an impression. Over the years, large and small businesses alike have put multiple marketing strategies to the test just to achieve […]


Director: Elmer Lapena/ Robby Carmona Project Manager: Macy Cruz Project Coordinator: Emmilie Loresca Concept: Kats Aguas Design: