Mitsukoshi Mall Launch 2023

Client: Mitsukoshi

Inspired by the four seasons of Japan, SAGA brought different traditional Japanese matsuri, or festivals, to MITSUKOSHI BGC for the international store’s grand opening.
Guests were welcomed by a taiko performance and had the chance to experience the Tanabata Matsuri, or star festival, by writing their wishes on a piece of paper and hanging them on the Tanabata tree.
Hosted by Show Suzuki, the festivities started with a welcome remarks from Alfred V. Ty, Chairman of Federal Land Inc. followed by the executive remarks from Toshiyuki Hosaya, Isetan Mistukoshi Holdings president & CEO, and Eiji Katsukake, chairman and director of Nomura Real Estate Development.
The festivities continued with a performance from award-winning calligraphy artist 書道家 真澪 shin-rei. The event was capped off by a traditional Japanese ceremonial ribbon cutting that marked the mall’s opening.

Service Rendered: Experiential Marketing