Cream Silk, the Number 1 hair care brand in the Philippines, has always championed the empowerment of the Filipina. The brand believes that there is no limit to what the Filipina can achieve and has always represented the Filipina to be at her ultimate. With its range of expert products, the brand has always empowered Filipinas to go beyond just basic hair care to an elevated standard of beauty.

Today, more and more Filipinas believe that there’s no better time to achieve greater things. But despite this, based on a brand survey, 7 out of 10 Filipinas still settle in their careers, refusing to go further because of self-doubt and lack of means and opportunities.

Cream Silk wants to change this and inspire the Filipina to never settle and to always strive for greatness because no dream is too big for the Filipina.

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For this event, Saga turned Palacio de Memoria into a glamorous dinner venue into a sea of black. Opulent chandeliers hang on tent ceiling and a bed of gradient flowers served as centerpiece.