This is Nespresso. This is Recyclable.

To answer the question: Where do the Nespresso used capsules go?, Novateur Coffee Concepts brought Nespresso friends, media and VIPs to an interactive tour to follow the journey of the aluminum pods. In this event, Saga Events, Inc. created multi-media stations and installations that encourages Nespresso drinkers to save the pods and have it picked up from their homes or drop in their recycling centers. Waste ground coffee are used as supplemental fertilizer by their partner organic farmers and the aluminum pods turned into aluminum ingot or upcycled as works of art and functional pieces.

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Nespresso fans and Sustainability advocates Marc Nelson and Lexie Schultze hosted Nespresso Recycling program launch. Seen here flanked by Novateur Coffee Concepts team, led by managing director Patrick Pesengco.